Qt (for Android)

Vortragender: Tam Hanna (Tamoggemon Holding k.s.)
Zeit: 17:00 – 17:40

Qt – short for Quasar Toolkit – is a highly flexible C++ library which simplifies the creation of GUI applications for various operating systems. Once written, a Qt app can easily be recompiled to run on a variety of platforms such as:

x) Windows

x) Linux

x) Mac OS

x) Android

x) Symbian

x) MeeGo

x) BlackBerry 10

This talk is made up of two parts: part 1 looks at how Qt works, what benefits it offers to developers and how to use the different parts of the language to one’s advantage. Furthermore, a detailed look is taken at the state of the Qt and the Qt for Android projects.

Über den Vortragenden:

Having been in the mobile market since the year 2004, I have seen the market as developer, author of technical books and trade journalist covering the mobile industry for various German newspapers. Please don’t hesitate to ask me for my CV at any time!